Our extensive portfolio of translations includes traditional and digital texts covering publications, exhibition catalogues, websites, advertising campaigns and academic articles (including ISI-listed peer-reviewed journal articles) in fields covering literature, poetry, literary theory, anthropology, ergonomics, chemistry, information science, marketing, pedagogy and cultural and educational history, as well as translations for the European Parliament.


For a selection of the translation projects we have handled over the past five years see below...

Publications - Web Translations - Academic Articles


Artur Lescher: Rios

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Guilherme Gaensly

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Cartazes musicais

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Alair Gomes - A new sentimental journey

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Calder in Brazil: The Tale of the Friendship

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Rodrigo Andrade

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Espaco Aberto

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Geraldo de Barros: Sobras Mais Fotoformas

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  • Vilela, Fernando: Lampião and Lancelot. São Paulo: CosacNaify.

  • Canton, K: Fashion: A History for Children. São Paulo: CosacNaify.

  • Frias Filho, O: The First Time Book. São Paulo: CosacNaify.

  • Contino, G: A Boy Named Rorbet. São Paulo: CosacNaify.

  • Pignatari, Décio: Mia with a Green Lime, São Paulo: CosacNaify

  • Cosac Naify, Simone: Maria’s carpet (unpublished)

Marco Giannotti

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Paulo Pasta

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Willys de Castro

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José Resende

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Web based translations

Paulo Greuel Fotografia (2010) visit site

Dictionary of Literary Translators in Brazil (DITRA) (2008) visit site

Post Graduate course for Translation Studies (PGET/UFSC) (2006) visit site

Post Graduate chemistry course (UFSC) (2005) visit site

Florias de Deusa (2005) visit site

Academic articles


Communication: A Field in Theoretical Trouble, Muniz Sodré, MATRIZes

Brazilian Sign Language Deaf Translation Performance: descriptive concepts and approaches to procedures led by Deaf translator-actors Quadros, Souza & Segala

Deaf Gains in Brazil: Linguistic policies and networks establishment, Ronice Quadros


Marconde Filho, Ciro: Two childhood diseases of communication: Ontological insufficieny and submission to policy. A discussion with José Luís Braga


Sztutman, Renato: “Psychoactive substances and Amerindian cosmogeneses.” (USP/Brazil) (Anthropology)

Sztutman, Renato: “From “reasonable distance” to “perpetual imbalance”: Ethics and prophetics in the Mythologiques” (USP/Brazil) (Anthropology)

Santos, Alckmar Luiz dos: “Aesthetic elements in reading contemporary digital literary works” (UFSC/Brazil))(Brazilian and Digital literature)

Soares de Gouvea, Maria Cristina: “Malaise in Civilization, Malaise in School: The Fin de Siecle and Education” (UFMG/Brazil) (Education History and Social Sciences)

Soares de Gouvea, Maria Cristina: “Primary Education and construction of Citizenship: Advances and Tensions through Brazilian History (1870/1930)” (UFMB/Brazil) (Education History and Social Sciences)

Dischinger, Marta & José Marçal Jackson Filho: “Can tactile tiles create accessible urban spaces” (UFSC/Brazil) (Architecture, Urban design and Ergonomics)


Jackson Filho, José Marçal et al.: “Organizational factors in accident causation in a building project in Brazil”(UFRJ/UFMG/Brazil) Ergonomics and Urban design)


Cafe, Ligia: “Thesauri and Ontologies: A study based on Communicative Terminology Theory” (UFSC/Brazil) (Information Science/Linguistics)

Jackson Filho, José Marçal et al: “Organizational factors and accidental falls: a case study” (UFSC/Brazil) (Ergonomics)


Schwarcz, Lilia K Moritz: “Blacks versus Whites” or giving and changing names” (USP/Brazil –Harvard) (Anthropology)

Schwarcz, Lilia K Moritz: “The French mission or mutual salvation”.(USP/Brazil) (Anthropology)

Dischinger Marta & José Marçal Jackson Filho : “The use of narratives for generating knowledge about ergonomist participation in design processes” (UFSC/Brazil) (Ergonomics)


Schwarcz, Lilia K Moritz: “Harvard 1876: The Emperor, the Poet, and the Scientist” (USP/Brazil) (Anthropology)


Dischinger Marta & José Marçal Jackson Filho: “Which future urban scenarios can we construct?” (UFSC/Brazil) (Architecture and Urban design/Ergonomics) visit site

Jackson Filho, José Marçal: “The usability of the ISO 11064 for deepwater platform control room design: Benefits and limitations” (UFSC/Brazil) (Ergonomics)